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Schooner Arctic Ark

for Sale

LOA: 60 ft

Schooner ARCTIC ARK Offered at $49,000 USD.

At the present time the schooner is in dry dock.
The schooner has been put in order and only lacks a final coat of bottom paint before re-launching.
The schooner is a US Coast Guard documented Vessel with a ten year import permit for Mexican Waters in effect. The vessel has one owner with no leans.
The Arctic Ark recently made a 10,000 mile voyage to Panama and other ports in Central America. During its most recent sailing (three years at sea) the schooner performed excellently in all kinds of weather and seas. The boat handles easily and sails wonderfully with ten knots or more. It is a stable craft and remarkable in a seaway . Truly a world class traveler. Although nothing fancy in the way of furnishings, the schooner’s hull, deck and rigging are in sound conditions and built rugged by men that knew what they were doing.
The schooner was built in 1958 at the Weaver’s Brothers shipyard in Long Beach Ca. Her purpose was a retirement gift for the old man Frank Weaver who had built these schooners his whole life. His two sons built this particular schooner for their dad, who had taught them the craft. Built strong, with good lines and sails like a big fish. They knew the craft.
This schooner is very roomy inside and could hold a big cargo. The deck is big and strong. A small 4-108 Perkins diesel pushes the schooner ahead at five knots in flat water. Normal cruising speed under sail is between 6 and 10 knots. The rigging is very heavy and has withstood fifty knots under sail.

Fifty foot on deck, overall sixty-four foot, with a beam of fourteen and half feet, with a draft of seven feet.
Weight Twenty-four tons net.
Materials; Built of the finest clear fir planks one and seven-eights thickness, beams are also of fir heavy- double sawed, spaced nine inches apart, beams are of oak and very heavy construction. The bow-stem is of very heavy construction, and the keel also of large timber and a full lower keel of iron and concrete weighing 10,000 pounds, all in excellent shape. The deck is oak with heavy plywood screwed fast and covered with heavy mat and glass. No leaks! All and any sign of weakness in blocks and planking has been replaced or repaired on each occasion of haul outs. The boat has been hauled three times since 2003 for scraping, new paint and minor repairs. Nothing has been neglected since ownership.

The rigging is heavy “crane quality” steel cable half inch and five/eights with large size 9/16 inch chain , heavy and large shackles, turnbuckles and clamps. The iron chain plates have recently all been removed and bolts replaced, and backed up on the inside of the hull with oak blocks. The running gear is operated with oversize block and tackle that affords easy traveling of booms and sheets. All line is the highest quality Dacron 3/8 line, mostly ½ inch and lots of heavy 5/8 Dacron. Nothing in the rigging is puny in any way, all rings, pins and cleats are oversized and fastened very securely and backed with oak blocks. The entire rigging has proven itself under heavy weather, Papagayo tested under real conditions.

The Ground tackle consist of 300 feet of heavy 9/16 inch chain with a selection of three Dan forth anchors; 50 lbs., 60lbs. And for absolute holding a 200 lb. navy anchor chocked on deck for fast deployment. A secondary 3/8 inch chain of 120 foot chain with a two hundred foot 5/8 inch nylon rode. The schooner is fitted with a large two sided manual winch on the Samson post on the forward deck, chain is lifted from a large chain locker accessed below deck, the chain is hoisted up over the cogs of the 9/16 inch wench and is lowered through the pipe hawsers one on the port the other on starboard side.

Engine is a 4-108 Perkins Diesel fitted with a wet exhaust, two inline fuel filters, tanks for 100 gallons of diesel fuel, A Borg Warner transmission of three to one ratio turns a twenty inch prop that is fitted close to the hull and runs close to the large rudder, making the schooner quick in a seaway when under power. A spare Perkins engine and transmission are stored on board for replacement , or parts. The engine room can be entered making service work easy and pain free.

The head is clean and simple.
Galley is large but simple with a gas stove and plenty of room to cook up the mess for large crew.

Navigation room is in line of sight of the helm on deck. And contains 24 mile Fruno Radar, Depth sounder, VHF long range radio, Hi Fi ham radio Icom 725. Magellan marine GPS, new quality metal sextant (Astro lll),other misc. navigational tools and books. Red night light and chart desk, paper charts for the entire Pacific Theater, Electronic charts for the entire world. Bowditch in hard cover, Chapelle, and complete set of sight reduction from zero degrees to 45 degrees.

Electric system consist of a 50 amp alternator run off engine, two 55 watt solar panels, lighting, exhaust fans, 300 watt inverter converting to 110 power, ship to shore electric cable, deck lights, spotlights, bilge pumps, running lights, extra gear for repairs at sea, new wiring through out boat. Anchor light, all backed by four deep cell batteries, a 100 watt Honda generator and a 35 amp smart charger and battery conditioner.

Safety Gear, number one life vest (several sizes) 15 man self inflatable life raft of the highest duro.(inflatable roof in hard case on deck inflates by two co2 tanks by pulling rip cord, raft is of the highest quality taken off a commercial sea going tug. Three fire extinguishers, flares survival gear, first aid kit, first aid at sea, throwing ring, man overboard float, rope ladder, plenty of good line and tools for emergencies. 11 foot wooden dory with long sweep oars.

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