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The Tall Ship Sail Training Vessel SALOMON is now exclusively
For Sale by Roosens Marine at ClassicYachtForSale.com

Please contact us for additional information and price. ONLY SERIOUS BUYER INQUIRIES Please do not ask for information, pictures etc. if you have no intention to buy this vessel.

The Tall Ship Salomon is a very well equipped 3 master, a square rigged top sail schooner. In 2003 the riveted hull was completely sand blasted. Weak spots have been improved and strengthened. Subsequently, the entire technology and interior design were renewed to the state of the art of shipbuilding. During rebuilding, we followeded the requirements of GL (class equivalency).

A ship safety certificate for traditional ships according to the German guidelines is available.

After eight months of sailing the Atlantic, various complaints were remedied and improvements made, so that the systems now operate to our fullest satisfaction.

The Rigg, renewed in 1997 by the previuous owner, is maintained well and in excellent condition.

The sea behavior of this vessel is very good and the strong engine gives security even in rough seas. The boat has to be sailed efficiently and safely with a crew of 16 persons (maximum of 25 persons).

The electrical concept is designed so that everything on board can also be operated via batteries and inverters. Six to eight generator hours per day are sufficient (according to regular consumption).

The ship is particularly suitable as a school, training vessel in the field of youth and group sailing.




Technical Information


L.O.A. 47.00 Meter

L.O.D 39.00 Meter

L.W.L. 34.00 Meter


B                                         6.65 Meter

Draft                                    2.20 Meter


Mast hight above Deck                27.00 Meter

Empty weight                             368 Ton

Material                                   Steel

Deck                                           8mm

Rumpf oben                               10mm

Rumpf unten                              10mm

Engine: MAN 2866E Turbo

MAN 6 Zyl. 368KW / 500HP

Heizung                          Buderus Logano

Wohnraum unten             Heizen ber

Maschinensteuerung       Rexroth / Heizmann Wellenanlage      Welle in l /


Propeller                         4 Flgel (800mm)

                                       Getriebe berdimensioniertes Workboat Getriebe mit Schleppkhler

Generator I und II            Mercedes 2.2.l /

18KW / 1500 rpm

Servicebatterien              1500 AH / 24 Volt

Ladegerte                     3 x 100 A Mastervolt Batterielader HM            140 A Fischer Panda Wechselrichter               2 x 5KW Mastervolt

Abwasseranlage             HAMANN Compact

Warmluft (Lftung) Meerwasserentsalzung     PUR 120 l/h Frischwassertanks          2 x 3300 Liter

Dieseltanks                    2 x 2600 Liter

Tagestank                      1000 Liter Feuerlschpumpe  5.5 qm / Std. Bilgenpumpe                                      5.0 qm / Std.

Signalhorn                      Zllner 20-75 Meter

Ankerwinde                     Elektrisch

Ankergeschirr                 2 x 120m / 2 x 365kg

                                      Ruderanlage Hydraulisch / Zwei Ruderstnde

Dingis                            2 an Seitendavits

Aussenborder                 1x40PS / 1 x 15PS

The history of the ship

The youth ship Salomon is made of in a cross-sectional construction in 1910 as "MS Lichtstraal" at the Dutch shipyard "N.V. Scheepswerf Industrie "in Alphen aan de Rijn in Holland  as a fishing logger made of steel. In 1952, the ship was extended by 7 m and used as a coastal motor boat. In 1982 the conversion came to the Three Mast Top Sail schooner. The lines were created in 1990 under the ship name "Bartele Rensink". In 2003, the entire ship was overhauled at the Elsfleth shipyard, which means that the hull was completely gutted, overhauled and the entire technical installations including sea valves and pipes renewed. The ship floor is poured out with a layer of approx. 60 cm thick concrete, which according to the shipyard leads to a weight-stable sailing position. With a sail area of ​​about 650 square meters, distributed both on Schooner, Great and bean mast as well as on the foresails, it is possible to reach a maximum speed of 12 knots on spatial courses.

The hull

The hull is in excellent condition. As already mentioned, this and the superstructures in 2003 were checked after coreing and weak spots were improved. The machine room, the forepeak and aft part are provided with a watertight section.

After this work a leak test was carried out. The entire ship has been coated inside and outside with 2-K color. The entire hull and the extensions are insulated.

Contact us by e-mail: info@CLassicYAchtFOrSAle.com or call: + 590690629955 (please check the time, we are in the Caribbean ! ) ONLY SERIOUS BUYER INQUIRIES PLEASE !!!  

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